Round table

Frank Heyworth

 heyworth Frank Heyworth has been a programme consultant with the ECML for the last ten years and coordinated a number of ECML projects related to teacher training, to project management and quality assurance. His publications for the ECML include « A Guide to Project Management » and « the Set up and Organisation of Innovation in Language Education ».  After studying English and Education at Oxford, he taught English in adult and higher education in Scandinavia, Iran, Germany and France and worked for the British Council in Ghana and Nigeria as an Adviser on language teaching, before joining the Eurocentres Foundation in Switzerland as, successively, Head of Schools and Director General. He was a Founder of Eaquals and until recently on the Eaquals Board. He has written widely on applications of the CEFR and on quality in language education and made frequent presentations to professional conferences.

Claudine Brohy

 brohy Claudine Brohy was raised multilingually in Switzerland. Originally trained as a language teacher and later as a sociolinguist, she currently teaches linguistics and German as a second/foreign language at the bilingual University of Fribourg/Freiburg, where she also serves as teacher trainer for CLIL. She has participated in cantonal, regional, national and international committees and working groups in the areas of language policy and language rights, language teaching, multilingual concepts, bilingual education, and popularising scientific ideas about multilingualism. Her research interests include the evaluation of multilingual school models, diglossia, language planning, minorities, language contacts at large, and, more generally, the interface between institutional, social and individual multilingualism.

Leon de Stadler

 destalder Leon de Stadler is the director of the Stellenbosch University Language Centre in South Africa. The Centre provides a wide array of services in support of language policy, including a variety of language and communication courses, writing lab support, reading development, terminology development, translation and other language services, and educational interpreting. Leon de Stadler specialises in the fields of language planning and management and document design. In 2002 he led the development of a new language policy for Stellenbosch University; in the same year he also established the Language Centre. Since then he has been actively involved in the evolution and management of language policy as well as in language planning at his institution.

Isabelle Jacobi (moderation)

 jacoby Since 2012 Isabelle Jacobi has been the director of the political radio programme „Echo der Zeit“ on SRF Radio, where she also acts as a producer. The forty-five year-old journalist has been with SRF for fifteen years, of which three years as a freelance correspondent in New York. She studied at Pepperdine University in California and received her degree from the University of Bern, where she studied English and American Literature and Swiss History and Theater. While in New York, she also earned a certificate in Business Administration from Columbia University.